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War Zones: The Taur can only be deployed to one war zone per day, forcing you to abandon the remaining ones. Alții spun că a fost ucis de taurul alb al lui Poseidon la Maraton , acțiune pe care o plănuise Aegeus Egeu , regele Atenei. Pentru a se răzbuna, Minos a declarat război Atenei și a obținut o strălucită victorie.

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Despre acest joc Taur is an action-strategy sci-fi game. Inspired by a multitude of games in classic taur man dating site such as tower defense, shooter, real-time strategy and more, creating a unique type of gameplay.

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Created by one-person indie studio Echo Entertainment. Gameplay Prime Cannon: Control the powerful Prime Cannon, equipped with a primary and a secondary weapon that can be fired simultaneously.

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Weapons: Unlock and upgrade different weapons, and bring them to bear at any time on the battlefield. Abilities: Unlock multiple, powerful abilities and use them to turn the tide of battle. Build: Use the resources gained from secured war zones to expand your Taur defenses by building a variety of auto-turrets, droids, aircraft and more.

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Destruction: Every unit, structure, tree and plant is fully destructible, leading to tactical advantages or disadvantages over the course of a battle as the environment is destroyed.

Attacks: Plan your defenses for different types of attacks such as full-scale invasions, air raids, tank sieges and infantry skyfall attacks. Imperion: Defeat the increasingly massive armies of the warmongering galactic droid empire known as the Imperion. Campaign Control: Prevent the planet of Taurea, home of the Tauron droids, from falling into Imperion hands. Control of the planet will either be gained or lost over time, depending on your success on the battlefield.

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Should the Imperion gain full control of Taurea, the campaign will be lost. War Zones: The Taur can only be deployed to one war zone per day, forcing you to abandon the remaining ones.

Abandoned war zones may incur loss of control, and their resources are lost, so choose carefully.

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Resources: Obtain resources by successfully securing war zones. Use them to build new structures, reforge weapons and research new tech.

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Forge: Use the Forge to reshape the quality and damage of your Prime Cannon weapons. Research: Unlock new tech to be used in battle.

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Overlord: In order to win the war and end the campaign, you must find a way to defeat the extremely powerful Imperion Overlord in battle. Cerinţe de sistem.

The TAURUS MALE by Joan Zodianz