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Street lighting belongs obviously to modern design. The musical fountain stands out though, being a unique piece of architecture in the country, gathering together about 2, visitors from Craiova, their home city, and from the neighbouring towns every night.

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The building has a rich interior decorated with stucco, Venetian mosaics and wrought iron grill. The Cosuna Monastery, for instance, is the oldest building preserved in Craiova, dating back to the 15th century.

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You can spend a most relaxing afternoon visiting the monastery, located only 2. Another religious site, The Madona Dudu Church, is well-known for its mural paintings, the work of the famous Romanian painter Gheorghe Tattarescu — The Metropolitan Bishopric of Oltenia, the canonical and administrative unit of the Romanian Ortodox Church was founded in At the Etnographic Section you can learn almost everything about the history of the region, starting with the prehistoric times.

Great care has been taken in presenting, in full detail, the traditional trades and occupations of the peasants in Oltenia, ranging from hunting, fishing to cattle raising, toiling the fields, harvesting the crops, thus, emphasizing the time-honoured existence of the inhabitants.

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  • Загадочным было и все здание, поскольку в исторических хрониках города о нем ничего не говорилось.
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  • CITY HIGHLIGHTS - Universitaty of Craiova

The museum exhibits wooden carvings and ceramics, a large collection of jars, bowls of all kinds, plates, carpets in the style featuring Oltenita as well as fascinating folk costumes from the same region. One of country boy dating city girl main attractions is represented by the section dedicated to Constantin Brancusi, displaying six of his early sculptures, including copies of his best-known works: The KissVitelliusWoman TorsoThe VaingloryBoy's HeadMiss Pogany Founded in country boy dating city girl, it never ceased existing, in spite of all the turmoil characterizing the history of our nation.

During the first decades of its existence, and according to the taste of the age, mostly musical shows and vaudevilles were staged.

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In the years afterthere was a stress on dramatic performances, of the universal classics, particularly Country boy dating city girl and Moliere, but also of national drama. Philarmonic orchestra goers can enjoy the performance of Philarmonic Orchestra of Craiova photo.

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Prestigious institution in Romanian musical landscape, Philharmonic Orchestra of Craiova was founded in and it was recognized in by royal decree. The artistic activity is carried out on several levels, including Symphonic Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Craiova virtuosos and Academic choir.

The park is one of the valuable monuments of landscape architecture in Romania. The plans for the park, designed by French architect Emile Rendont, were awarded the gold medal at the World Fair.

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Through the initiative of Nicolae P. Romanescu, then mayor of Craiova, work on the park began in and was completed in The total surface area of the park amounts to more than 96 acres of plantations bushes, grass areas, trees4 acres of water area, 20 acres of hippodrome and a velodrome.

A Zoo is located in the park.

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The English Garden is the ideal place to spend a few hours. It is located in the centre of Craiova, next to the City Hall. Although laid out on a small area, it is a wonderful piece of landscape architecture.

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For those wanting to experience nature in a more scientific way, a stop at the Botanical Garden would be the best choice. The Botanical Garden of the University of Craiova was laid o on an area of about 17 acres in Three lakes of about 0. The Botanical Garden also houses a Herbarium of aboutpages of preserved plants, and a small-scale Museum.

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The Meadow of the Jiu River is another important green area, lying on more than 60 acres on the left bank of the river. The Youth Park — the newest park in Craiova is a mix of green areas dedicated to promenades, sportsgrounds where you can play tennis, football, basketball, outdoor stage for concerts and playgrounds for children.

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