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Cu toate acestea, niciuna dintre ele nu a fost femeia de care de fapt s-a îndrăgostit. Spectacolul a fost acum de șase sezoane și le-a oferit membrilor din distribuție mult timp pentru a se apropia. O postare împărtășită de taraji p henson tarajiphenson pe 15 august la PDT Hakeem Lyon nu a dat niciodată niciunul dintre interesele sale de dragoste de pe ecran În cadrul emisiunii, Hakeem Lyon, care este interpretată de Bryshere Y.

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Review-uri 0 "Meticulously researched and plotted like a noir thriller, The German Heiress tells a different story of WWII-- of characters grappling with their own guilt and driven by the question of what they could have done to change the past. Clara Falkenberg, once Germany's most eligible and lauded heiress, earned the nickname "the Iron Fr ulein" during World War II for her role operating her family's ironworks empire.

It's been nearly two years since the war ended and she's left with nothing but a false identification card and a series of burning questions about her family's past.

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With nowhere else to run to, she decides to return home and take refuge with her dear friend, Elisa. Narrowly escaping a near-disastrous interrogation by a British officer who's hell-bent on arresting her for war crimes, she arrives home to discover the city in ruins, and Elisa missing.

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As Clara begins tracking down Elisa, she encounters Jakob, a charismatic young man working on the black market, who, for his own reasons, is also searching for Elisa.

Clara and Jakob soon discover how they might help each other--if only they can stay ahead of the officer determined to make Clara answer for her actions during the war. Propulsive, meticulously researched, and action-fueled, The German Heiress is a mesmerizing page-turner that questions the meaning of justice and morality, deftly shining the spotlight on cine este anika pe empire dating often-overlooked perspective of Germans who were caught in the crossfire of the Nazi regime and had nowhere to turn.

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Livrarea se face din stoc din depozitul de carte Libris, in zilele lucratoare. Transportul este gratuit prin curier rapid, oriunde in Romania, pentru orice comanda de minimum 90 de lei.

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Pentru orice solicitare apelati call center-ul Libris de luni pana vineri intre orele De acelasi autor.