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As a matter of fact, response and relief operations at a major industrial hazard location require good preparation in terms of documentation guides, diagnosis aid help sheets for building emergency , skills and human resources available for civil security on the one hand and great access to urgent care facilities on the other. O and Aina O. Nearest Neighbour Analysis is the method of exploring pattern in the locational data by comparing mean distance Do of the phenomena in question to the same expected mean distance De usually under a random distribution.

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Pe 10 februarieSimi a fost avizată de una dintre firmele de telecomunicații din Nigeria, Etisalat, în calitate de ambasador al acesteia. Cântăreața este absolventă de comunicare în masă de la Universitatea Covenant. Relația ei - Cine e Simi Dating? Simi și Orente Cântărețul, Adekunle Gold, este cel mai bun dintre prieteni. Au postat mai multe poze cu ei înșiși care sugerează o relație intimă.

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Cu toate acestea, atât artistul cu eticheta X3M Music, cât și artista semnată YBNL încă nu pot confirma sau explica fanilor curioși ce fac. Potrivit lui Adekunle, Simi este responsabilă pentru aranjarea și amestecarea lui Orente și a altor câteva piese pe care le-ar lansa în curând.

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The city s industrial estate was created outside the urban environment around Many hazardous facilities were built there. The city s urban sprawl has created a new neighbourhood located right in the middle of the industrial estate and the original urbanized areas, at the fringes of the factories hazard perimeter.

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Nowadays, policymakers and land use planning professionals faced with industrial risk management issues need decision support tools for better management of catastrophic scenarios related to major risks.

The complexity of the interactions between the city, its urban services and technological risks finds an interesting response within the concept of urban resilience.

This concept specifically allows meeting the challenges of the city s business continuity that should maintain its activity and recover quickly following a disruption.

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This research focusing on the city of Batna aims to study the sustainability of industrial risks management by addressing the following issues: How did the urban environment and the high risk industrial estate become contiguous, with major and widespread risk? How can new geomatics technologies, including the Modeling of Application Data with Spatio-temporal features MADS contribute to improving urban resilience to industrial risks?

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Location of the ondo state dating site area Source: Habibi Yahyaoui Positioned at the crossroads of cities such as Constantine, Biskra and Khenchela, Batna has acquired a polarising role. It was founded in in the middle of a natural bowl surrounded by jagged mountains from the Aures range, on a slightly sloping site, crossed by three major ondo state dating site and surrounded by rugged terrain; hence the label of dish town.

This setting has played a major role in the urban sprawl of the city, its extension being faced by natural barriers, thus diverting the urban stretch into agricultural land and industrial areas created after the independence.

The city of Batna saw the implantation of its industrial estate inlocated in the North - East of the city. Due to a lack of regulation relating to the management of major risks and urbanization on the one hand, and faced by demographic pressure and increased needs in terms of housing, neighbourhood facilities and urban infrastructure on the other, the policy of plastering over cracks and the increasing contiguity spawned the spreading outwards of the city, eventually reaching the factories in the industrial estate up to their danger perimeters, a movement enhanced by land development offers for disadvantaged population groups.

This lack of control of urbanisation has increased the vulnerability to industrial risks in the city, requiring new ways for decision support in terms of urban management and demonstrating the usefulness of upstream industrial risk integration, from the very first sketches of urban space design. The classification of multi-date imagery of the american satellite LANDSAT allows us to illustrate and monitor diachronically the urban sprawl and the industrial estate smothering.

Today, the industrial area in the city of Batna is fully part of the urban fabric and this fact can result in an explosion that may cause varying degrees of damage and burns, depending on relative distance ranges.

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Urban resilience to industrial risks resides in the inherent ability of an urban system to sustain shock or elude it. For this to happen, an organization may increase its resilience by acting both on the preparation, improvisation, emergency plans simulation and organizational learning.

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Many theoretical definitions of resilience can be found in the scientific literature. Resilience can be perceived as "the ability to anticipate disruption, withstand it by successfully adapting to it, and recovering through restoring, as much as possible, the initial state prior the disturbance" Marie et al.

Therefore, urban resilience is a capacity that organizations deploy before the disturbance in the phase of prevention and preparationbut also during the disturbance in the response phaseand finally after the disturbance in the recovery phase.

Consequently, urban resilience is defined as "the ability of a system to maintain or restore an acceptable level of functioning despite disruptions or failures". This definition encompasses three key concepts, namely: - the system response to the crisis is perceived as a systemic approach; - despite disruptions or failures, acceptability of disruptions or even system failures is necessary; - the ability to maintain or recover before disturbances; the system adapts its management modes in order to be more resilient.

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Figure 3. On this understanding, the city is considered as a system in the sense that components habitats, activities, infrastructure, populations, governance interact to shape the urban system.

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The main objective of integrated urban resilience management requires modelling of geographic objects, spatial relationships; for example, topological relationships, metric or even spatial aggregation relationship and the expression of temporality. It was developed at the School of Computer Science s Database laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and offers an original method of modelling very focused on graphics. MADS is a conceptual entity-relationship model extended to the main concepts of object-oriented approach complex structures, inheritance and methods which also allows to model spatio-temporal applications Parent et al.

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Figure 4. Good governance of disaster situations requires technical and organizational resilience. Organizational resilience Organizational resilience is a strategy with a view to accelerate the return to normalcy through optimized management of means and resources as well as good accessibility.

The scale of 26 24 Habibi YAHYAOUI, Kalla MAHDI the disaster, the complexity of interventions, the importance of interoperability and the operational response require a reorganization of the operational chain of command between the levels of decision through decision-making forecasting and operational effectiveness.

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Evaluation of accidental impact on the site and the surrounding environment Predictive mapping is the first step in the process of organizing relief for estimating damage and loss of life in the industrial unit and the surrounding environment.

This assessment allows us to combine existing resources and the degree of risk. Figure 5. Projected damage map Source: Habibi Yahyaoui 27 The Proximity of City - Industrial Estate in the Town of Batna 25 Intervention and evacuation of victims Real time decision support through operational mapping enables to manage medical emergency for victims, which falls mainly on the city s civil protection services. The preparation and organization of emergency and intervention diagnosis can improve both the disaster handling and also reduce the recovery time to an acceptable situation.

As a matter of fact, response and relief operations at a major industrial hazard location require good preparation in terms of documentation guides, diagnosis aid help sheets for building emergencyskills and human resources available for civil ondo state dating site on ondo state dating site one hand and great access to urgent care facilities on the other.

Network analysis allows us to explore this crisis management dimension by highlighting the spatial distribution of equipment, services and access means to health care in emergency situations.

Spatial distribution map of health facilities by network analysis Source: Habibi Yahyaoui Technical resilience Cities heavily dependent on technical systems confer the latter great importance in terms of risk spreading.

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To improve the resilience of cities, technical systems have already been identified as strategic Lhomme et al. They act both as propagators of malfunction by their geographical extension and their interdependencies and are at the same time essential to reconstruction Felts, They are the city s "nervous system" within which the slightest failure can have cascading effects on urban operation Robert and Morabito, p.

Technical resilience is a technical strategy with a view to limit the degree of system disturbance through improved resilience and absorption; therefore a critical intelligence capable of removing all underestimation ondo state dating site any lack of preparation that could lead to a worsening of a non- 28 26 Habibi YAHYAOUI, Kalla MAHDI manageable situation. Furthermore, the integrated approach to urban resilience of local communities helps to demonstrate the domino effect and importance of technical networks in the spread of such a disturbance.

Domino effect Domino effect is a chain reaction that increases the likelihood or consequences of a major accident, within the production units of the same enterprise or amid close plants.

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Each accident has several possible simultaneous ondo state dating site explosion, fire, toxic emissions It may prove necessary to consider some or other of these aspects as predominant in terms of relief efforts. It appears that poorly controlled interrelationships amongst different types of networks and within neighbouring industrial plants lead to vulnerabilities induced by domino effect.

The technical resilience approach allows disregarding the precise facts of the initial failure mode and focusing on the impacts in terms of features Robert et al.

The analysis of the various potential consequences of an industrial hazard indicates that a population surrounding industrial plants is exposed to a large-scale major risk, displaying a very low urban resilience.

Territorialisation and operationalization of urban resilience to technological risk is rooted in the idea of the impossibility of zero risk of and the need for acceptance by the population, industrials and risk administrators in this city of a certain level of risk.

MADS modelling in a GIS environment is a tool for the operationalization of urban resilience thanks to its adequate tools for querying, analysing and displaying data. As a matter of fact, this tool allows us to share a real vision of the territory with all the risk management and intervention actors through a common representation of the urban space that ondo state dating site to shift towards a sustainable urban development in the context of a territorial project.

Moreover, the need to mobilize all prevention, emergency and disaster management actors requires the integration of time as an important parameter to maintain the spatial dynamics before, during and after the urban disturbances; this is the key to a full recovery.

The success of this urban resilience approach depends on the socio cultural resistance, which defines the culture of risk, acceptability and the response capacity of the population at risk.

Therefore, urban resilience opens up prospects of a less technical and more social risk management approach. The answer would then come from the risk culture to develop. Moreover, the establishment of TRPP can have longterm effects on elected policymakers culture of risk and on the recognition of the vulnerability of activities and constructions.

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Herman G. Laure B. Lhomme S. Mutin G. Robert B. Water comes from either a natural surface or a ground source. One of the rights of man is access to safe water. Unsafe water is due to anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic sources. Dafür sind die Chroniken und damaligen Quellen sehr aufschlussreich. Für eine objektive Einschätzung des Fürsten sind aber auch andere Aspekte in Betracht zu ziehen. Die Beziehung zwischen Staat und Kirche unter Lăpuşneanu ist widersprüchlich.

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